Success in Hiring Starts with the Job Description

Too many employers don’t understand the importance of the job ad. More than just a way to advertise that you’re hiring, it also involves advertising what you’re hiring for while also enticing the best workers to apply—including those who don’t need to, and who will only apply if the job sounds better than the good job they already have. To work well, the job ad should closely and positively resemble the job, the team and the organisation. The more honest you are with yourself about your organisation and the role, the more likely it is that your job ad will appeal to the right people, while avoiding raising any expectations that won’t be met by the successful applicant. And don’t worry about an aspect of the position or organisation you think are negatives—some people enjoy the challenge of restructuring, or being somewhere slightly chaotic, or working within a start-up. Just make sure you use positive language to sell the challenge. Just remember that just like all ads, a job ad is selling your business: to potential great employees.

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