Introduction - In Gear & Engaged

We are in an era when businesses must carefully consider how best to investment for maximum return, and with the workforce being the largest annual expense for many businesses, getting the best from workers is a strategic priority. Achieving this doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful nurturing to create and sustain great workplace cultures that develop a stream of innovative ideas while retaining top talent. Are you providing the right structures and tools to nurture workforce productivity via strong trusting relationships with your organisation?

Perspective: Philosophy of Workplace Culture

‘Workplace culture’ is a term that has entered the popular lexicon as a way to describe the workforce of an organisation. But its increasing popularity has brought about a loosening of the term beyond its original meaning. It’s time to revisit what it means for contemporary Human Resources.

Incubation: Nurturing the Potential of Innovation

Innovation has become accepted as a way to address continuous technological and practical challenges. And now, some businesses are making it part of their core strategy by establishing business incubation hubs for new enterprises.

Relationships: Employee Retention Strategies

Retaining talented workers has become a major focus of Human Resources over the past decade, and the global downturn has limited the options available to do so. What how can you improve retention in ways that don’t involve costly salary increases?


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