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We often hear similar problems that our users are having with their websites. “I’ve tried social media but it’s just not getting anywhere,” “My site looks messy and I’m not sure what to work on next,” or even “no-one is visiting or using my site!” For these people and many others we are putting together a series of articles to help your internet marketing, whether you are a part of a small to medium business or have limited time available these steps and tips are for you.

Let us begin!
There is no point in attempting a social media marketing campaign, sending out a newsletter or any other online effort if your website is not up to standard. The main goal of Social Media, blogs and other digital marketing efforts should be to get people engaged and get them to your website where you can then drive conversions.
Essentially it would be like seeing an advert for a new theme park in the newspaper, driving all the way there with your family and then having to go home as it is still under construction. Your chances of getting people to come back after an experience like this are pretty slim. So do it right the first time.
If you’re still unsure, have a think about whether any of these apply to you:
  • People rarely ever find out about my business from the internet
  • Typing in my business name or something very similar into Google doesn’t get the right results
  • I tried changing things on my site and made Social Media accounts, but it didn’t get me anywhere
  • I don’t think I’ve made any lasting contacts or mutually beneficial relationships through the internet
  • My site doesn’t look or feel good, I’m not sure who goes to it and what they do, I’ve seen many tips and advice but don’t know what really applies to me...
…you get the picture.

We will provide you with a series of fortnightly lessons designed to give you some down to earth direction on how to best move forward with your web marketing, if you’re just a beginner or want to get things up to scratch. We will combine our expertise in SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing and more. Many websites we come across have fantastic intentions for their customers but miss out in some key areas. With a little bit of effort and some time put aside in your normal schedule you can get a lot more out of the net (where your potential clients and competitors already are!). 

Next issue: Web Marketing Basics - Understanding links between Aesthetics, Usability, SEO and more

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