Letting good moods get in the way?

It is commonly thought that a happy workplace is a productive workplace, but is this really true? Emotions certainly affect how we approach our work and positive emotions are not problematic on their own. Yet, just like how negative emotions can stifle our motivation to approach problems, so can positive emotions stifle our willingness to see those problems in the first place, if we’re not careful.

 In her article in The Examiner, Jan Aylesworth outlines how being too happy when arriving to work can result in its own set of problems such as overconfidence, unwillingness to deal with problems that will lower your emotional state, and overestimate our own value. Being aware of the dangers helps to minimise them, but what should we expect from workplaces if not happiness? Perhaps the answer is to seek satisfaction instead: this would avoid the dangers while also meaning that dealing with problems results in satisfaction and ultimately, happiness.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/mood-and-emotion-at-work-when-it-s-not-all-good


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