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We have previously talked about how making titles, tags and key terms relevant to your audience is a huge part of getting more interested people and potential customers to your website. Now we are going go beyond using logical terms and find trending keywords that are actively being searched for by your audience!

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to find out what exact terms people are searching for to put into (and exclude) in your titles, tags, headings and paragraphs!
Don’t let the simplicity of this tool fool you, many online investors and writers use Google Trends to find out what people are searching for against timeframes and country to grasp online opportunities as they arise.

Let’s get started: Say for example you want to sell rain jackets to Australians. People may search for these by typing ‘raincoat,’ or ‘rain jacket’ and we want to know what words to use to show up more in Google results. Type ‘raincoat’ in the first ‘+Add term’ box and ‘rain jacket’ in the one below, limit to Australia and see a comparison. We will see which term is more popular, a seasonal trend (literally, as we come toward colder months searches go up) and a higher popularity in Victoria!

Does this mean we should completely steer clear of putting “rain jacket” into our headings and text? Absolutely not! People are still searching for it, but we now have perspective about which terms are more relevant to our audience, and what we can expect to see a greater response from.
Play around with this tool, get to know the different options. See what happens when you type in terms related to current events or political debates!
When you are familiar with this tool you can start putting in terms related to your business and its services, and pay attention to the ‘related terms’ results. Make sure you are searching by the countries the particular webpage’s services can provide for. You will quickly notice that searching for fewer words is more popular than several words at once.

To Do For My Business

        Have you brainstormed keyword ideas with staff members?
        Have you run a trend search for important aspects of your homepage and top navigational links?
        Have you checked the location and time sensitivity filters for your search?
        Are trending words included into URLs, Headings and paragraph text?

For Psych and HR

Before you start brainstorming and searching for trends, it can be a great idea to write up a list of which webpages or services you’d like to get the most attention to. This will most likely be pages that have big important updates or where purchase decisions can be made. After this be sure to optimise pages that people may search more frequently for, this may include informational or advice pages.

Need help with SEO keyword selection?

We also survey our clients’ website plans and use various SEO tools at our disposal to select and implement the best keyword strategy suited to your goals. Contact [email protected] or call 03 9670 0590.

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